Fiore Ouroboros // Velia De Iuliis


Fiore Ouroboros // Velia De Iuliis


Fiore Ouroboros is a stunning collaboration print with Velia and our print shop.

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Floral Watercolor Print with Letterpress Texture

We wanted to capture her painterly and colorful style as well as use our abilities to use letterpress for all its texture abilities. We decided to use a combination of archival digital printing and letterpress for the best results.

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More on Velia’s process:

Velia De Iuliis works from a standpoint of preservation. Her rich gouache & oil paintings pop with endangered plants on sharp backgrounds. By giving these threatened species new life on the canvas, de Iuliis reinvigorates admiration and refocuses attention on the fleeting flowers that may disappear completely in our lifetime. More than a floral painter, De Iuliis uses her art as a call to action and the paintings live on as time capsules. Because these plants are still surviving in their fragmented environments, the works act as a celebration as well as a resource.


  • Method: Archival digital print and letterpress deboss.

  • Material: Heavy Acid Free Cotton Paper.

  • Print Size: 9” x 12”.

  • Limited edition to 50 prints.

  • Available unframed.

  • Signed and editioned by the artist. 

  • Certificate of Authenticity included.

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