Whose Mountains are These? // James Lewis Tucker

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IMG_6246 2.jpg

Whose Mountains are These? // James Lewis Tucker

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“Whose Mountains are These?” is a letterpress block print created by James Lewis Tucker. James uses traditional and experimental techniques to create a soft and subtle letterpress print unlike any other.

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Medieval triptych inspired landscape art print

For this piece, Tucker was inspired by late 19th-century Japanese printmaker, Uehara Konen. Konen was known for creating oceanic depictions of crashing blue waves and turbulent tides on woodblocks. It can be seen that Tucker drew inspiration from Konen's 1910 piece, Hatō zu 2. However, Tucker has breated new life into this classic piece and created an iteration of it unlike anything else; as "Where The Wind’s Like a Whetted Knife" was designed using the linocut letterpress block printing method. He also crafted a brief poem to coincide with this piece. 

Words written by James Lewis Tucker inspired by this print are below:

Whose mountains are these?

Golden dry and low slung.

Cool valleys shaded oak.

Belonging to no one.

We are free to move about.

Graze in the dark.

Wild , tangled in knots.

Wrapped in roots that drip

sweet dew into waiting lips.


  • Method: Linocut Letterpress Block Printing.

  • Material: Heavy Acid Free Cotton Paper.

  • Print Size: 12” x 18”.

  • Frame Size: 12’’ x 18’’ x 1’’

  • Limited edition to 90 prints.

  • Available framed and unframed.

  • Signed and editioned by the artist. 

  • Certificate of Authenticity included.

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