Terms of Service



Letterpress is a hands-on, hand-controlled printing process. There is a natural variance to ink color and saturation that is inherent in this artistic process and it may vary across the print run. Current industry standards allow for up to 5% variance tolerance for ink saturation, impression depth, and final quantity. Paper weight can vary within less than .05 mm as natural grained paper does. A tolerance of 2 points (1/32 of an inch) is industry standard for finished paper trimming.


This is where your project starts. We will provide an estimate of the materials and labor costs required based on the specification you give us for your project. We are always happy to discuss creative ways to value engineer your project in order to reduce costs, if possible. Any changes made to a project after it has gone into production will affect the estimated cost and be reflected in the final invoice.


Once you approve an estimate, we will send you an invoice to arrange payment of your deposit. We are happy to explain any of the line items on your invoice so you fully understand the costs involved in your project. A deposit, outlined in the next section, is required before we can begin working on your project. Final balance payment is required at pickup or before delivery is arranged for your project.


Prior to beginning work on your project, we require a 50% deposit of the total invoice amount. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. They cover the expenses incurred in purchasing the supplies (papers, inks, foils, dies, labor, etc.) that your job requires. Before we can start work we will also need your final design files. All files should have originated as vector-based files (Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard software). Please send us fully outlined native files or hi-res PDF files. Receipt of your deposit and your final files marks the start date on your project from where your turnaround time is calculated.


We can provide design services to help you with your project. Our inhouse design services include minor work like pre-press file preparation or typesetting from an existing sample all the way to full layout & design creation, logo creation, packaging and identity design. Let us know what you need help creating and we can provide an estimate based on the amount of design work required.


Sometimes you gotta pull the plug. We get it. If this happens before any work has been invested or materials purchased, no problem. However, once you’ve paid a deposit, we start investing time in your project, ordering the necessary materials and making printing plates for your project. All papers are ordered custom for every job so it’s difficult to return or save for another client. Plate material, once made, is not reusable for other plates. Deposits are non-refundable for this reason.


We require a 50% deposit to begin work and the balance to be paid upon pickup or before we arrange delivery. We cannot ship your job until you have paid in full. Payment can be made via credit card online or by check.


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a client is not satisfied with the quality of our work. Sometimes this is due to the client not understanding letterpress or expecting a digitally printed exactness that doesn’t exist in letterpress. This is why we try to educate all clients from the start about the capabilities and limitations of letterpress. Still it sometimes happens that a project is rejected. In these rare cases, the client is responsible for returning 100% of the printed material to us, including the cost of shipping, if required. When we have received all of the printed material, we will process the refund. If only the deposit has been paid, we will cancel the balance due. If the job has been paid in full, we will refund the total cost minus the deposit.